PDF file manipulation tool

PDFcross is a service for manipulating PDF files, such as merging PDF files into one file.
It can be easily incorporated into Microsoft Power Automate, and business efficiency can be improved by automating PDF operations.
Documents used for PDF operations are deleted from the PDF Cross service, so they can be used safely.

Functions list


Merge multiple PDF files into one PDF.
This is effective when you want to combine PDFs from multiple departments into one pdf file as meeting materials.


Protect your PDF with a password.
You can protect the file by prompting for a password when you open the PDF file. This is useful for highly confidential files.


Watermark the PDF.
By inserting a watermark such as [Confidential] on each page of the PDF, you can make the viewer understand the characteristics of the material.

Add Image

Add image to the PDF.
You can add image to PDF. For example adding your company logo to the PDF at all pages.